Albino Pale Ale

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Brew Date: 11/13/2005
Batch Number: 82
Type: Pale Ale
Alc Percent: 4.00%
Awards: 3rd Place in the 6A. Cream Ale category at the War of the Worts XI, February 2006

Notes & Comments:

Side Bar: Albino Pale Ale is an ale who’s focus is on my homegrown hops. Only 6 oz. of homegrown Cascade hops were used is this mellow Pale Ale. This ale, surprisingly, was also brewed using only Pilsner Malt. The reason it has acquired the name Albino isn’t because of the color of the beer itself, but actually because of the fact that one of the hops used in this batch was an albino.

This beer is good. Not quite what I had anticipated, but good all the same. It's kind of ironic that this is probably the lightest colored beer I have brewed, so maybe the name was more fitting than I realized. This beer does not remind me of a Pale Ale at all really. It is much more along the lines of a Lager or Pilsner. It is very light, and smooth with just enough bitterness to pull it through. But it has very low excessive hop bitterness, flavor or aroma. Well, they are Delaware Homegrown Hops! definetly worth a try, should probably be drunk as frsh as possible.