MacRae Strong Scotch Ale

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Brew Date: 11/27/2005
Batch Number: 83
Type: Strong Scotch Ale (Wee Heavy)
Alc Percent: 6.90%

Notes & Comments:
Sidebar: MacRae means "Son of Grace". The MacRae's were noted warriors and provided the bodyguard of the chief of Clan MacKenzie. The 6th generation of this beer is an extremely malty beer. This year I tried to 'old school' it a little bit and referenced the recipe from 2002 'The Best of the MacRae's', and then tweaked it to make it better! Hullo, Willy.

Tweak? What an interesting word to use. To adjust something slightly, to make a slight adjustment or change in something, especially in order to improve it or fix it.

Well, I guess I tweaked too much. As of now, it still needs, um . . . more improvement.

As of 9.2.06: This beer is SOOO much better now. Some liked it originally, I thought it way too peaty. But now things have mellowed and developed. My Father-in-law actually enjoyed this beer - a Scotch drinker not a beer drinker by any means.

Special Ingredients: Peated Malt