9/19/09 5th Annual Intergalactic Bocce Tournament, Dogfish Head Brewery, Milton, DE

Set I - Morning After A Long Night
Carnival Parade
I Fought The Law*
Easy To Love You
Fumblin' With The Blues
True As The Music
She'll Follow
The Seeker*
Last Call
The Harder They Come
All These Words>
Soul Shakedown Party*>
All These Words

Set II - Man Of The Sea
The Joker*
Lederhosen Jam*
Piece Of The Pie
The Village Green Preservation Society*
Lucky Than Good*
Two People Brain
Boogie On Reggae Woman*
Something Good
Lederhosen Jam
Taking Care Of Business
Lederhosen Jam
Hey Hey What Can I Do*
Baba Dochia

Set III - Born On The Bayou*>
In The Bayou
Worst Woman^
Sneaking Sally Through The Alley
Dark Star*
Tubular Bells Tease*
Cock Knocking (Knocking Sam's Balls)*+
I'll Tap That*+
Amish Paradise*%
Where It's At
The Weight&
Out In The Rain
Announcement Jam*
Wanted Dead Or Alive"

Set IV - Malted Balls Winner Jam*>
The Dogfish Bocce Song
Golden Girls Theme*~
Old Man*
On A Boat*!>
The Love Boat*
Stripper Zipper
Glory Of Love*
The Humpty Dance@
We Are The World*$


all songs with Corey Bonser on bass and vocals, Dave Schonauer on keys, Robert Desjardin on drums
*first time played
^w/multiple "On A Boat" teases
+w/Team Motley Brue on lead vocals
%w/Amish Bizarro Dave on backing vocals
&w/Nacho Libre on backing vocals
"w/Team Pallino Pimps, Little Che, and Nikki Fuckin' Sixxpakk on backing vocals
~w/Johnny Balls, Jimmy Balls, Matty Balls, and EM on vocals, acapella
!w/Dave Schonauer on T-Pain app backing vocals @w/EM, Sam Calagione, Captain Pimp, Jimmy Balls, and Johnny Balls on vocals
$stage area full, w/everyone on vocals
The 5th Annual Intergalactic Bocce Tournament