2nd Annual Fool Circle Beer Tasting

The day began per usual around the Fool Circle “Pub”, bottling a new batch – a “Summer Ale.” From there it just became curiouser and curiouser. Things really got ready to roll when Richard showed up just before 6:00 and Robert was soon to follow. At a liesurly pace of almost 6:40 Dave finally arrived. With the five of six people who were going to attend there, Richard, Robert, Dave, Karen & myself began.

This year I decided I would partake in the tasting not just the pouring, and Karen would be the designated pourer. The beers for the tasting included all the beers from July 2003 – June 2004: From the Wiezenbier to the new “Summer Ale” (still fresh.) To my surprise, the tasting was much more difficult then I had realized, I think if all the beers were not aged it may be easier – maybe. Out of the 14 beers we tried I think on the whole they only tasted like 8-10 in varying degrees. At the end of the tasting and all the score cards were tallied, Karen was the pourer so she had no score, Richard guessed 2 correct, Robert 4 correct, myself 7 correct & Dave also 7 correct – ‘Hangin’ with the Brewer.’ So, since I had previously excluded myself from winning this years trophy, the award (or pile of trash =)) went to Dave. It was actually a pretty sweet trophy made with two beer bottles as posts between two wooded bases, a Fool Circle logo and a golden cup atop.

After the tasting/judging was through, it was time for the grub – grillin’! This year we had birds and brauts. Two beer-can chickens, one original style one marinated and accented with a home-made BBQ sauce, and brauts that were first grilled on the grill then cooked for 2 hours in 60 minute IPA, vidalia onion, sourkraut and butter. To accompany this feast we also had homestyle baked beans, cucumber salad, potato salad, tossed salad and potato chips. There was plenty of water, 60 minute IPA and Indian Brown Ale available too, but I think only water was drunk. After grillin’ came the chillin’! Unfortunately, and to my surprise, it was time for Dave to leave for he needed to leave the world of Fool Circle and return to reality, have a nice trip. So to set the pace for the chillin’ it was time for the de-cellaring of the Fall 2001 Big Bottle collection. I decided to chose these beere to de-cellar because I wanted to use the big bottles for another batch, plus they were taking up twice as much shelf space. We sampled from the Hogshead Porter to the NYE Bourbon Stout. Most of the beers tasted “fruity.” The best 2 were probably the Hunting MacRae Scottish Heavy Ale and the NYE Bourbon Stout. The worst was definetly the Chocolate Covered Cherries Porter – no one would even try it it looked and smelt so funky! Comingled along with the de-cellaring side of the tasting was interspursed with games of Cricket on the ol’ dart board. The night began to wind down at the early hour of 11ish when Karen went upstairs to begin to go to bed. Shortly after that Robert left, and a little while after that Richard did also.

On the whole I would say the 2nd Annual Fool Circle Beer Tasting went well, can’t wait for next year already!!

Check out the 2004 Pictures!

Here are some comments: 2004:

  • “This tastes like beer juice.”

  • “Will You Be my Dread Shepard”

  • “Fuck………Ass”

  • “It’s not Hoity or Toity”

  • “I don’t know if I can tell beef from chicken”

And here are some from 2003:

  • “Shave me with a plastic knife”

  • “You’ve got two #1’s Dumb Ass”

  • “Glass of fucking vegimite”

  • “Fuck (pause) Fuck”

  • “Wubbie’s feelin’ that one”

  • “I’m to fucking drunk to eat carrots”

  • “We should have gotten bigger bread”

  • “It treats me like the pig that I am”

  • “These carrots taste like watermelon”

  • “Stab him with out pens”

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