Double Brew Day

I’m still trying to play catch-up on the posts, I’ll get there eventually. Anyway, last Sunday the 8th was a double brew day, I think my first one that I have ever attempted, or least in such a long time that I have forgotten about it. So I brewed two back-to-back batches – both pale ales.

Double Brew

The first batch was an all grain pale ale (PA2) brewed with Amarillo, Simcoe, and Warrior hops  using the DFH continuously hopping method a la Sir-Hops-A-Lot. The second batch was an extract pale ale (PA3) brewed with a “mystery” kit from MoreBeer in preparation of their Stainless Brewer Competition. PA2 was the first beer brewed with the new converted mash tun and HLT, and the first to put the new grain mill to use, so it was fun and a little bit more stressful. The mash tun seemed to work great, even though the fittings were just “dry fitted” together.

I actually was busy doing something the rest of the weekend, so I didn’t even really get to mess with the new fittings for the coolers until Sunday morning. Plus, did I forget to mention I transfered over the “Chunky” Pale Ale (PA1) during this brew day too? I think the day went something along the lines of: Work on mash tun and hot liquor tank in the morning, begin to brew before noon, transfer PA1 during some part of brewing PA2, decide I already have all my stuff pulled out and that since PA3 is an extract batch it may go a little faster, and brew PA3 into the evening early night. The worst part was obviously clean-up, I hate it already and the longness / multiple activities just made it worse. Oh, I threw PA1 on some Centennial and Cascade hops and oak chips too – just to keep it interesting.

I’m sure I could have made this post much more interesting if I would have posted closer to the date, but by this point this is what I have left, hope you enjoyed anyway.

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