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My brother receives the Keystone Homebrew newsletter (I wonder why I don’t?) and brought to my attention a new event they are kickin’. It is called ‘The KisE (Kissy) Challenge”.


Here’s a little cut and paste action from their website for anyone too lazy to hit the link. Why do I want to take the time to bring this to your attention, well, one Keystone Homebrew and Jason (the owner) are good people so why not promote some brotherly love, two it seems like a neat event, and three it sounds like a twist on a familiar idea. Anyway, here you go: “We are proud to announce the first Keystone is Everywhere (KisE) Challenge: A fun contest, sort of like a scavenger hunt, with real prizes! You’ll need three things to participate: 1. an official Keystone Homebrew t-shirt, 2. a camera, 3. the official KisE Challenge List.

Here is how it will work. Below is a link to the official KisE Challenge List of places, people, and events. Each will be worth a certain point value. Participants will have until June 30 to take pictures of as many KisE Challenge List items as possible. Everyone who participates wins valuable coupons. Collect 50 points and get a free t-shirt. Those with the most points will win:

  • 1st place $100 gift certificate to Keystone Homebrew or a 15% discount on all items purchased at Keystone Homebrew through the end of 2007
  • 2nd place $50 gift certificate to Keystone Homebrew
  • 3rd place $25 gift certificate to Keystone Homebrew

Additionally, more prizes will be awarded for the funniest, most creative, and best overall pictures. Entries must be submitted in electronic format via e-mail or by dropping off a CD or DVD at one of our stores.The official KisE Challenge List, including official rules, is now online! The race is on!”

There you go, Jason, there’s some love for you. Now all I need to do is to get that Keystone Homebrew link up for you, I promise I will. Hope your event works out as well as mine. – B

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