Bottling the ABA

After brewing the Amarillo Amber, Karen and I bottled five gallons of the plain American Brown Ale. This beer was crispy clear and was dying to get into the bottles to be consumed.


I almost had a major mess-up right at the on set of bottling. Everything was being set-up and soaking in sanitizer when Karen asked about the bottling sugar, whoops!That would have been real bad to forget that, but at least I would have a good excuse why one of my beers didn’t carbonate. Bottling went smoothly, I think about an hour to do the whole batch. I actually ran out of prepared bottles with a significant amount of beer left. So I either had the options of dumping it (no way), drinking it (the usual), or figuring out another way to package it. Though I don’t know how well it will work, I grabbed a clean growler and stuck it in the sanitizer bucket for a few minutes then filled it on up. It’ll be cool if it works, but I have low expectations, it was a screw-on cap. More information on the ABA when it’s ready to drink and when the Peached ABA is ready to bottle, hopefully soon (minor visible bubbles still).

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