Bottling the HOS

Yesterday, 02.24.08, my brother Dave came down to help me bottle the Honey Oatmeal Stout that we brewed together about a month ago.

HOS Bottling

Everything went fine, so there really is no worries for this beer. As long as there are no carbonation problems then this beer will be ready for St. Patrick’s Day without any problems, so look out for the Uncle Tupelo Honey Stout (or whatever Dave winds up naming it). We of course sampled the beer while bottling it, remember this is a warm, young, and uncarbonated version, but I thought it was pretty good already – mostly full bodied, a little sweet, some roast bite in the back, a little honey aroma (mostly just floral) and a wish of a honey flavor in the finish (but it was there). We’ll see if the carbonation and chilling will kill any residual honey contributions, but overall I think we’ll have a solid stout on our hands.

What’s next? You got me. I’m about to re-up on ingredients and have nothing lined up so anyone with suggestions of new beers, repeats, or wanna-be Signature Series fire away!

4 Responses to “Bottling the HOS”

  1. Garrett Says:

    Spring & Summer aren’t that far away – time to get your wheat on, brother!

  2. Brian Says:

    How’s your wheat scenario looking? I could see a 20 gallon batch if your interested – 2 “plain” wheat beers and 2 different “wacky” wheats (read with fruit, ala Mango Momma). Just a thought.

  3. Garrett Says:

    I have no wheat at the moment, and a 20 gallon batch would totally work for me if you’re up for it!

  4. Brian Says:

    I’m about to order/buy a large quantity of malt. If we can flush out a 20 gallon recipe then I could order the wheat too – we’ll talk.

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