Kegging the RYPA & Abbey

So I FINALLY kegged the Abbey Ale and RYPA tonight, good thing I haven’t been putting that off 🙄 . (Yes those beers were really brewed back in December, and yes they really have been sitting in secondary since then, and yes you can make fun of me.)

Kegging the RYPA & Red

So I started to mentally prepare for Sunday’s 20 gallon batch with Garrett, you know started thinking: OK, what ingredients do I need to bring, what equipment do I need to bring, what beer am I bringing – that kind of thing. Then I realized, I didn’t have two primary carboys ready to go – damn! So in order to free up two primaries I would have to transfer the two beers I have in primary now into two secondaries. Wait, I only have one secondary available right now -damn damn!! OK, well I have two beers in secondary that I can transfer to kegs, then transfer these out of primary into secondaries. SO, I had to clean and sanitize two kegs, transfer two beers into kegs, and clean two secondary carboys in preparation. Then tomorrow I’ll finish up and transfer two beers from primary to secondary, carefully transfer and reserve the yeast cake from both (two different projects), and clean and sanitize two primary fermenters. I think that covers it. Oh, yeah, except for the fact that I’ll probably run out of CO2 tonight while the two kegs are carbonating and won’t be able to get anymore until Monday – damn damn damn!!! Yeah, now that sounds about right.

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  1. Garrett Says:

    I could always loan you a primary – I’ll be putting my half into one of those 14 gallon demijohns…


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