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It’s been a while for the magazine updates (as if you all really care), but this time around it is BeerAdvocate & BYO magazines.

BeerAdvocate Magazine Volume II Issue VI

Since it has been so long I’ll probably keep these briefer, we’ll see. Wowser, not that the magazine was any better or worse than usual, but it took me until page 19 in the Innovation section to have something brief to say. They have an article about these new plastic cups with an “etch area” on them where you could scratch your name. No more parties where you mix up your cup or someone puts out a marker only for it to get lost, I really dig them, but I bet they are not cheap. Next up of interest was the Feature article called Founding Brew – Rebuilding America’s Relationship with Beer. It was a pretty neat article about early America and colonial times and how beer and pubs were the center piece of a lot of life, in particularly politics. They focused heavily on Philadelphia which was OK with me. They didn’t really impress me with an excess of knowledge, but it was a nice concise read put all together. That’s about all I have on this issue for you, but I also did finish it about a month ago, I am tardy, even if I don’t feel tardy.

BYO Magazine July-August

(for some reason the picture I wanted to use didn’t load properly) 

First thing that hit me in this issue was the Tips from the Pros section about Honey & Fruit. I think I am in-line to make another mead so this had my attention. Actually what I am thinking is to make a 5 gallon batch of mead as before and then do 5 one gallon experiments with it – maybe fruit, spice, herbal, chocolate, and a control – maybe. Again, later in the issue, there was a nice little article on Melomels, Fruit Meads for Experienced Dummies, which is the technical term for fruit mead. I think all of these were written in preparation for National Mead Day, the first Saturday in August, but of course I am a little slow. Then there was the annual Label Contest winners. This year there were actually a few decent ones, with the grand prize going to a really nice one, but for a couple of years the winners were so lame I quit entering. There was a weird little article called Turbid Mashing, a technique I had never heard of, nor will ever use, but some writer may have gotten a nice “business” trip out of it. It is basically about how to make cloudy wort and what uses it has, geez and I always thought that was called a mistake. And that’s what I’ve got until next time.

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