Tappin the Frootid

So I tapped the Froodit the Wheat tonight, and all I can say is it is unique.

Back in April Garrett and I brewed 20 gallons of American Wheat beer, with 5 of those gallons I fruited it, mostly with pure pomegranate juice. It turned out interesting, more tart than most fruit beers. It reminds me more of real fruit, like blueberry skin or not quite ripe wild blackberries or something, than anything else. It is definitely not a normal style for me, and really only the second time in recent times that I’ve used fruit, the other was an ABA on about five pounds of fresh peaches. This beer really should have been enjoyed over the summer while playing Cornhole outside, but you know what, it’s pretty good now too.

I also bought an “herb ball” that I am going to use for keg-hopping, kind of like a second stage dry-hopping. The picture is hard to tell since there is nothing to give it perspective, but it is about half the size of my fist. I’m thinking it’ll hold about an ounce of pellet hops or maybe a half ounce of whole hops if I am lucky. My first impression was to try and suspend it from the lid of the keg, but the chain attached is only like three inches long so only the first gallon or so would really get keg-hopped. So my second thought was to weigh it down to be in the bottom of the keg so all the beer passed by it, but it kind of makes me nervous that I’ll have a higher possibility of running into a clogged out-spout again because of the additional draw pressure. Dunno, I’ll figure it out. Anyone else ever use one of these to keg-hop before, what did you do?

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