Bitch Work

Bitch work – no one wants to do it, but it still has to get done. Guess who’s turn it was again, and again, and again, and again…


So between last night and today I got the pleasure of cleaning six kegs and four carboys. I also was lucky enough to transfer three beers to secondaries and clean all three beer lines in the kegerator. Man, am I ever having fun!

I had already waited a while to clean kegs, I had four piled-up waiting for me and then two kegs kicked last night making it six. For me kegs are easier to clean in succession flipping the cleaner or sanitizer or whatever from one keg to the next. So of course I had the original four kegs done and cleaned-up before the next two were ready – awesome.

Then to transfer the three beers I needed three clean carboys, well I only had two, so I had to clean one, then transfer the three, and then clean those three – so much fun it hurts, I know your jealous.

And if all that wasn’t enough, since two kegs kicked last night, and the third spot was empty it was time to clean the beer lines, hooray! So since I was already doing bitch work I cleaned the lines extra well including taking apart the faucets and the quick disconnects, just to add to my pleasure.


So what did you do with your Friday night and Saturday afternoon? I bet I had more fun than you!

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