Who’s got my JACKET, brah!?

“Who’s got my JACKET, brah!?”

Bad picture of said missing jacket above.

I’m not 100% sure on what went down, but let’s just say I left the Bob Carpenter Center into the cold February rain one jacket less then when I entered the building last night. I am assuming someone acquired a new jacket last night, MY jacket. Please keep your eyes open for a black Dickie’s work jacket, XL-Long, with a YARDS Brewing Company logo embroidered on the front left breast pocket and a YARDS swirly-thing logo on the upper back. Honestly, this is the only one of these jackets I have seen locally (Northern Delaware), so if you see someone wearing one of these that hasn’t been before, that’s the guy I’m looking for.

I was at the Bob last night to see Further and got very lucky and scored an extra the day of the show and it turned out to be a first row center stage floor ticket (!!!), talk about awesome. Regardless, I took off my jacket and piled it onto the chairs with several other jackets, like I have several times in the past, not really thinking anything of it. After the show, it was a different story, there was no jacket to be found. I looked for quite a while, kept my eyes open for anyone wearing it, talked to security, and even checked with the Bob’s lost-and-found today, all to no avail.

I know it’s not the end of the world to loose a jacket, I get it, but I’d still like it back, and anyone can contact me anonymously through this website up at the little Contact button at the top if they may have information for the return of the jacket. The jacket was actually a gift/reward from April of 2004. I had entered the HOPS BOPS XXI homebrew competition and had won Best of Show for a California Common, and the jacket was the reward. So, besides being just a jacket, a thing to keep you warm, it had some meaning to me.

I appreciate any help in advance.

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  1. Shari Says:

    Did you ever live in Texas? Looking for an old friend with same name from 25 yrs ago.


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