That’s right, it’s All Fool’s Day (is that anything like All Soul’s Day?)

Reguardless . . . you know I got soul. So, here it is, a groove, slightly transformed, just a little bit of a break from the norm. The new and improved FoolCircle.net (complements of DJ Diggidy D, cuttin’ it up on the wheels of steal, gots to give credit where credit’s due) is, . . . still under construction. Under construction like a carpenter’s house or a mechanic’s car, an ever evolving landscape with a “honey-do” list longer than Randall the Enamel Animal, holla!

So, go ahead, poke around, see what you see, let me know what you think – what do you love, what do you hate, what do you wish was in the house, or what do wish wasn’t here?! All my Fool’s on the left go “Ooh! Ooh!” And I already know, the brews is still under way, there’s plenty of arcade games in the hizzy buts we gots pool and darts and other pub favorites on the way too.

Keep comin’ back cuz it’s only gonna get better!

(And there isn’t a spell check, so you’ll all have to get used to my bad-spellin’ wacked-ass english)

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