Canned Micro Brews

Canned Beer 1

Recently I have been able to try a few new micro brews, pretty typical in the world of Fool Circle, but this time these brews happed to be canned! Personally, I think it is pretty cool, a little novel at first, but all in all a pretty cool idea.

I have known that local brewery Sly Fox had started canning there beers as of 2006. Of course, we can not get them here in Delaware, but I went to seek them out. Since my first experience with Sly Fox in a can I have learned there were several others, two of those breweries represented here: Oskar Blues Brewery & Surly Brewing Company.

The first micro brewed beer that was canned was by Oskar Blues Brewery in 2002. There are now over 36 different breweries that can there beer. Here is a great movie put together by the people over at Oskar Blues – Canned Beer Apocalypse Movie

Personally, I have been thinking that canned beer is pretty cool. Some quick reasons why it may be better or more convenient that glass or draft: Almost 0% exposure to oxygen, almost 0% exposure to UV light, lighter, cheaper, almost 100% recyclable, can go places glass can’t go (ie: ballparks, pools, beach), ideal for camping or backpacking. These are just some quick ideas I came up with. No real research was done, so don’t flame me for misrepresenting something for it is not intentional. Anyway, I say keep it up and let’s go pop some tops!

Canned Beer 2

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