Transfer IPA

So I transfered the Saturday IPA last weekend (I’m a little behind on posts) into secondaries – man does this beer already smell goo-oo-ood! Let me state once more for the record: OVER a pound and a half total whole leaf hops in this beer – nice!


ipatransweb2.jpgipatransweb1.jpgWith this beer we added a 1/2 ounce each Columbus & Simcoe hops to the secondaries, it should be a way hoppy IPA. If you look, at the thumbnail you can see there is a little black spot in the hops today. That lovely black spot is 1oz. of bourbon (Wild Turkey 101) soaked oak chips. These chips have probably been soaking for a good 6 months+ so it should be nice. So that’s 5 gallons of bangin’ American IPA and 5 gallons of bourbon oaked American IPA – SWEET!

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