New Toy

This is kind of a silly post for me, but I got to play with a new Christmas toy, and I think it’s going to be quite useful.

 Breakfast Panini Griddle

My sister and her family gave Karen and I a cool multi-function Panini Grill for Christmas.  It’s kind of like an uber-George Foreman Grill. It is a panini press (essentially what a GF grill is), a flat top grill, a flat top griddle, and a waffle press all in one. It has interchangeable non-stick plates, closes like a press, or lays flat to use both sides as cooking surfaces. So far we have only used it once for breakfast (see above) and it worked great. Typically for the same meal we would have had to cook it in two shifts, now we can do it all at once. I can’t wait to try the press and the waffle maker too. Thanks Nancy & Chip!

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