Zymurgy March/April 2008

Off the cuff, nothing really stands out about this issue of Zymurgy, but I’ll page through it with you and let you know what I think.


HA! The first thing that caught my eye was an ad from Blichmann Engineering and they have released the ultimate homebrew vessel. These vessels could easily be used for a mash tun or boil tank and they are loaded with features plus look sick. They call them the BoilerMaker. I think Williams Brewing (sp?) sent a catalog and they ran in the mid $300+, and that was without any extra features. Sick.

Next there was an article on setting up a homebrew kegerator, which I thought I might find some useful information, but it turned out to feel like a common knowledge piece. I think one of the most “helpful” bits was the ‘Balancing Your System’ part of the article. I knew a system had to be balanced, but this went into it a little bit.

Oh yeah, I forgot, there was a cool piece on ‘Homebrew Club Bars’. Initially I was like whoa, clubs or bars that sell/have homebrew? But that wasn’t the case at all. These are homebrew clubs (like our local the First State Brewers) that have build portable “bars”/draft systems to serve there beers. Some of there are very elaborate serving up to 36 different homebrews on draft plus 4 hand pumps. I would love to be involved and contribute to a club bar like this, even if it were only used once or twice a year, knowing that your club was rocking the casbah.

That’s about all I got for this one.

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