Use the Force

Sometimes, you’ve just got to use the force.

Use the Force

This was going to be titled “Keg Rebuilding, Pt.4″ but I decided against it. (1) Nothing got rebuilt, it got destroyed. (2) Nothing got rebuilt, it got destroyed. And (3) nothing got rebuilt, it got destroyed. Oh, besides demolishing a liquid quick disconnect, I broke my 1/2” ratchet too, it now swings both ways freely – great… Discuss amongst yourselves.

3 Responses to “Use the Force”

  1. Brian Frey Says:

    Scratching head……you run it over with your car or something?!?

  2. Garrett Says:

    Dude. Well, at least the QD got destroyed and not the post. Replacement posts can get pricey… I can’t believe your ratchet broke, though – if its a craftsman, I think those carry a lifetime guarentee…

    I’d chalk this up in the “Brian 1, Kegs 0” category.

  3. Brian Says:

    You guys make me laugh.

    This is what it looks like when I am forced to remove a firmly fixed liquid QD off of a gas post. I agree, Garrett, and that’s the mentality I went at it with – a new liquid QD cost $5.00 and everyone has them, no big deal, the post or keg itself could get pricey. Nah, not a Craftsman, a hand-me-down. I guess I hand-tightened them pretty tight the other night because now the ratchet isn’t strong enough to un-tighten what it has already tightened.

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