2008 Bock Fest

So today was the Sly Fox Bock Fest and Goat Race – Rock the Goat!

Grundles McFister?

I think the winning goat’s name this year was Jasper, so that would make it the Jasper Maibock that was tapped at the peak of the Bock Fest this year. Good things that Sly Fox did this year: Put up some large tents (30’x60′, two of them) for shade and protection from rain (which it didn’t), and separate the food and beer lines. Bad things that Sly Fox still has not learned: They need MORE taps, period. It is really weak to get a beer and think, ‘I guess I should get back in line, because by the time I get back to the front I’ll be done this beer.’ Saw a bunch of people up there again this year, but still missed a couple of the usual suspects, oh well.

 Oompa-pa-pa Oompa-pa-pa Oompa-pa-pa - - pa!

Freakin’ goat races, a German Oompa Band, more Bock beer than you can shake a stick at – where else could you be besides Sly Fox Brewery in Phoenixville, PA in May.

4 Responses to “2008 Bock Fest”

  1. David Says:

    I Love the ALT tags…Grundles McFister… NICE

    It is amazing – Catherine, Colin and I were 3-4 miles from there on Sunday and Catherine remarked on how long it had been since we were there and said “we should go”. Just a bad time to go for us, to close to Lyric coming back.

  2. Brian Says:

    I was wondering if anyone was going to notice.

    Would have been great to randomly see you there, it is totally a family friendly beer event.

  3. David Says:

    totally a family friendly beer event.

    That is the first time I have ever heard that phrase used.

  4. John Says:

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