Bottling Kegs

So the other day I pulled off a couple bottles from the current kegs on tap.


Again, right now I have an American Stout, California Red, and a Pale Ale on tap. So far it has by far been he easiest to bottle multiple beers at the same time, and since I had three go on about the same time that meant I could bottle three. I pulled 8 bottles from each reserving two each for the yearly Fool Circle Beer Tasting. So that left me with six each. Theoretically I could use them for competition, but I doubt I will – maybe with the American Stout. The Pale Ale is out of category and the CA Red is “uncategorizable” if you know what I mean. What evs!

Hey check out that bottle, a 1 Liter swing-top, pretty sweet, like a half a growler.

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