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Killer Brewer Profile

Sunday, November 21st, 2004

This picture doesn’t do this justice, but check this jammy out that Dave, Catherine, Nancy & Chip got me for my B-day, SWEEEET!

Basically, this is a professionally framed and matted version of my brewer’s profile from “Brew Your Own Magazine”. The frame is sweet, though you can’t tell from this picture. It is very clean and professional but still woody and earthy. It has a nice “bevel” to it and fades from a dark grain on the outer edges to an “inner glow”. It also compliments the color of the brew the guy is holding on the cover.The back matting behind the brass engraving compliments the colors in the wording on the magazine cover. The engraving reads, “Brian Moore, Brew Your Own Magazine, November 2004”. Nice job, great gift. And as I said the other day, I almost did this for myself, but was being too lazy to go and buy another copy of the magazine, so I’m very glad you guys did this for me. It looks great!