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Zymurgy May/June

Thursday, May 3rd, 2007

I just finished the May/June issue of Zymurgy magazine. This is my favorite of the three beer magazines I receive. The company that publishes it is the American Homebrewers Association which is a sub-level of the Brewers Association, so it definitely has credibility.


This issue was pretty good per usual. The main feature of this month are all the different things that you as a brewer do to your own beer that make it different from someone else’s. It actually sounds quite similar to the idea of the article from BYO about ‘Creating Balanced Beers’ but taken to the next level – instead of just balanced also all the other things you can do to make your beer extreme or mild. This has been the second month in a row that they have run a short article about the idea of a Beer Sommelier and how this concept isn’t that far from a reality. All I have to say is ‘where do I sign up!?’ There was also a neat article from one of the scientists at White Labs yeast on how you can get different beers from the same yeast by controlling other variables; like the temperature of fermentation and the original gravity of the wort. Then there was a nice big dick-tease of an article about the Homebrewers Conference in Colorado this year – double whammy, really wish I could go to both.